Ashtekar 研究生系列讲座
Loop Quantum Cosmology and Observations
Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Abhay Ashtekar
(Institute for Gravitation & the Cosmos, Penn State University, USA)
Coordinator: Prof. Yongge Ma (Dept of Physics, Beijing Normal University)
Venue: 202 Lecture Hall No.2 (教二楼 202)
13 Dec (Tue.) 10 :00am-11 :40am: Lecture 1 - Introduction to cosmological perturbation and inflation
Lecture 2 - Resolution of the Big Bang singularity in LQC
14 Dec (Wed.) 10:00am -11:40am: Lecture 3 - Quantum field theory on quantum space-times
Lecture 4 - LQC and observations I
15 Dec (Thu.) 10:30am -11:40am, 106 Physics Building (物理楼 106): Colloquium: Quantum Gravity in the Sky: Interplay between fundamental theory and observations
16 Dec (Fri.) 3:30pm -5:10pm: Lecture 5 - LQC and observations II

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