China-Poland Workshop on Loop Quantum Gravity
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Session IMeeting ID: 617 947 19988
Sept. 7 (Mon.), 2020Coordinator: Jerzy Lewandowski (Univ of Warsaw)
10:00(Warsaw time), 16:00(Beijing time): 5minOpening Ceremony
10:05(Warsaw), 16:05(Beijing): 35+10minWojciech Kaminski (Univ of Warsaw):Symmetry restriction in LQG
10:50(Warsaw) 16:50(Beijing): 35+10minGioele Botta (Univ of Warsaw):Quantum Reduced Loop Gravity: a modern perspective
Session IIMeeting ID: 619 830 09557
Sept. 7 (Mon.)Coordinator: Yongge Ma (Beijing Normal Univ)
13:30(Warsaw), 19:30(Beijing): 35+10minJinsong Yang (Guizhou Univ): Consistency check on the fundamental and alternative flux operators in LQG
14:15(Warsaw), 20:15(Beijing): 35+10minIlkka Makinen (Univ of Warsaw): The relation between reduced operators and full theory operators
Session IIIMeeting ID: 687 244 29777
Sept. 8 (Tue.)Coordinator: Jinsong Yang
10:00(Warsaw), 16:00(Beijing): 35+10minXiangdong Zhang (South China Univ of Technology): Canonical loop quantization of \lamda‐R gravity and its cosmological implication
10:45(Warsaw) 16:45(Beijing): 35+10minGaoping Long (Beijing Normal Univ): The phase space parameterization and coherent spin network states in all dimensional LQG
Session IVMeeting ID: 693 393 35648
Sept. 8 (Tue.)Coordinator: Andrzej Okolow (Univ of Warsaw)
13:30(Warsaw), 19:30(Beijing): 35+10minCong Zhang (Univ of Warsaw): Loop quantum Schwarzschild interior and black hole remnant
14:15(Warsaw) 20:15(Beijing): 35+10minShupeng Song (Beijing Normal Univ): Entropy of general black holes in LQG
Session VMeeting ID: 665 358 70775
Sept. 9 (Wed.)Coordinator: Wojciech Kaminski
10:00(Warsaw), 16:00(Beijing): 35+10minAndrzej Okolow: Space of quantum states built over metrics of fixed signature
10:45(Warsaw) 16:45(Beijing): 35+10minChun-Yen Lin (Beijing Normal Univ): First‐principle Schrodinger evolution in cosmic‐perturbation theories
Session VIMeeting ID: 642 709 59533
Sept. 9 (Wed.)Summary and Discussion
13:30(Warsaw), 19:30(Beijing): 45+45minJerzy Lewandowski, Yongge Ma