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◎Prof. Yongge Ma

◎Prof. Weiming Huang
Name: Huang, Weiming
Citizenship: P. R. China
Sex: Male
Year of Birth: 1946
Languages: Chinese, English
Present Address: Dept of Physics, Beijing Normal University, China.

Education and Experience::
1979.9-1981.7: Postgraduate student, Dept. of Math., Beijing Normal Univ. (BNU); M.Sc. granted in July 1981.
1981.8-1985.8: Lecturer, Dept. of Math., BNU.
1985.9-1990.8: Doctoral student, Dept. of Math., Univ. of Purdue; Ph.D granted in July 1990.
1990.8- : Associate professor, Dept. of Math., BNU.

Areas of Research:
Algebraic Geometry, Quantum Gravity.

Selected Publications::
1. Weiming Huang and J. Lipman, “Differential invariants of embeddings of manifolds in complex spaces”, Progress in Math. 162 (1998), 61.
2. Muxin Han, Weiming Huang, and Yongge Ma, “Fundamental structure of loop quantum gravity”, Int. J Mod. Phys. D16 (2007), 1397 (Review article).

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