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Abstract Submission

      To present your work at the First International Asia-Pacific Conference on Peer Instruction, please submit an abstract before the November 1, 2012 abstract deadline. By submitting an abstract, you agree that, upon acceptance of your abstract, you (or a designated co-author) will:

             1) register for the conference and

             2) attend the meeting to present as scheduled in the program. We also welcome proposals for discussion panels.

       The selection of abstracts will be conducted by the Conference International Advisory Committee. Authors will be notified shortly after the abstract deadline.

Guideline for abstract submissions

Abstracts should include the following information:

       • Author name(s)

       • Institution name

       • Discipline where Peer Instruction was implemented

       • Preferred format: oral presentation, poster presentation, or discussion panel

       • Title. The title should capture, in 10 words or less, the essence of your contribution.

       • Summary. Please provide a description of the work you will present, in 250 words or less. Be sure to include the take-home message for the participants attending your presentation.

Deadline for submissions: November 1, 2012

Please submit the abstract by email: Please state in the email subject line "abstract COPI 2012".