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      Payment of the Registration Fee

      Asia-Pacific Conference on Peer Instruction (COPI 2012) Event Registration Join our global community of innovative educators at the inaugural COPI 2012 in Beijing China.

      Early Registration Fee for participants outside of Mainland China is 500USD. And regular Registration Fee is 600USD. (注:中国大陆地区参会者的注册费信息请看中文网页).

            Due Date for Early Registration Online: November 1, 2012

            Due Date for Regular Registration Online: November 15, 2012

      Payment of the Registration Fee

      Payment Options

      Credit cards are NOT accepted.

      Option 1 (Preferred)

      Prepayment by bank transfer before October 15, 2012

            收款人: 北京师范大学

            Beneficiary's Name: Beijing Normal University

            收款人地址: 中国北京海淀区新街口外大街19号.

            Beneficiary's Address: No.19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street, Beijing, P.R.China

            国际电汇号码: BKCHCNBJ110

            Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ110

            银行名称: 中国银行北京海淀区支行文慧园分理处

            Bank Name: Bank of China, Beijing Haidian Sub-branch, Wen Hui Yuan Sub-office.

            银行地址: 北京市海淀区文慧园4号;邮编100088

            Bank address: No.4 Wen Hui Yuan, Hai Dian, Beijing,P.R. China; Postal Code: 100088.

            银行账号: 00000340256015272

            Account Number: 00000340256015272


            1. In the Remarks Section of your transfer, write: "COPI 2012 registration fee - Physics Dept - Ping Zhang / participants name ".

            2. Scan a copy of the proof of your transfer and email it to and bring a hard copy to the conference. You will need to provide this copy during on-site

            registration and you will receive a receipt at that time.

      Option 2

      Payment in cash (500 USD for early registration and 600USD for regular registration) when you arrive at Beijing Normal University (during on-site registration).