Master program was first created in 1981 for research on laser spectrum, information optics, quantum optics, X-ray application and optical radiation measurement. The program has undertaken numerous projects under National 863 Project, 9th 5-Year-Plan Breakthrough Project of Ministry of Science and Technology and National Natural Science Foundation Project, with research findings winning various awards on provincial and ministerial level or above. The research and development of X-ray lens was awarded Second Prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award. A team of leading scholars and academic backbones has come into being through discipline construction over a decade; while a complete curriculum for master degree candidates is offered, including principles of optics, laser physics, Fourier optics, non-linear optics, quantum optics, modern optical experiment, etc. Graduates from the master program have become backbones in teaching and scientific research in universities and research institutes.

Established in 2000, doctoral program has seen significant development through efforts since its creation and was ranked as a key program at the university level in 2008. Laboratory construction has been reinforced in various fields, and painstaking efforts in experimental research and science and technology development have contributed to national economy, national defense and local development. In 2002, Key Laboratory of Applied Optics of Beijing was approved and founded, hence providing a laboratory platform for the development of the doctoral program. Basic research in optics involve international frontier issues of this field, including cold atomic physics, nano-material spectrum, photonic crystal, quantum imaging as well as correlated optics and quantum information. Many research findings have been published on most internationally influential periodicals, proving their leading achievements. For instance, the research group led by Prof. Wang Kaige was the first to propose the concept of thermal optical subwavelength interference and proved it in laboratory, publishing the findings on PRL periodical under ordinary laboratory conditions. Key developments have also been witnessed in applied research on optics, with the research group led by Prof. Liu Dahe applying laser Brillouin scattering method in laser radar underwater detection, undertaken projects including National 863 Project, Key Weapon and Armament Project of PLA General Armaments Department and Basic Research Project of State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry. Prof. Liu has recently been appointed chief scientist of National Defense Key Projects approved this year. In regard to optical industry, X-ray lens technology developed by Prof. Yan Yiming has been successfully commercialized and launched into overseas market, generating millions of US dollars in foreign exchange. Besides, spectrum and optical radiation measurement devices developed by us are serving scientific research institutes specializing in astronautics, etc., with direct output value exceeding RMB 40 million.

Academic Team

Research Field Name Birthdate Qualifications Position
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Kaige Wang 1945.01 Master Professor
Guojian Yang 1957.11 Doctor Professor
Jun Xiong 1965.01 Doctor Professor
Fuguo Deng 1975.11 Doctor Professor
Haibo Wang 1974.04 Doctor Associate Professor
Mei Zhang 1972.03 Doctor Associate Professor
Optical Information Dahe Liu 1948.02 Doctor Professor
Jing Zhou 1963.03 Doctor Professor
Ping Sun 1963.01 Doctor Associate Professor
Wenping Gong 1976.10 Doctor Associate Professor
Zhaona Wang 1980.09 Doctor Associate Professor
Spectroscopy Xiaobo Chen(Analytical and Testing Center) 1963.03 Doctor Professor
Ping Guo(College of Information Science and Technology) 1957 Doctor Professor
Fanglin Peng 1947.08 Master Professor
Yafei Wang 1955.04 Doctor Associate Professor
Chenjuan He 1973.09 Doctor Associate Professor
Gu Zhou(Analytical and Testing Center) 1962.02 Bachelor Associate Professor
Luan Chen(Analytical and Testing Center) 1962.01 Bachelor Lecturer
Applied Optics Xunliang Ding(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1944.03 Bachelor Professor
Baozhou Zhang(Department of Astronomy) 1961.01 Master Professor
Yude Li(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1965.09 Master Associate Professor
Zhiguo Liu(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1970.07 Doctor Associate Professor
Shujun Wang(Department of Astronomy) 1964 Doctor Associate Professor
Guotai Tan 1968.10 Doctor Associate Professor
Tianxi Sun(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1969.03 Doctor Lecturer
Lin Cheng(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1969.10 Doctor Lecturer
Qiuli Pan(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1972.09 Master Experimentalist
Ping Luo(College of Nuclear Science and Technology) 1958.02 Junior College Experimentalist