Theoretical Physics

The existence of theoretical physics program in Beijing Normal University can be traced back to the earliest generation of teachers of theoretical physics instructed by distinguished Prof. Zhang Zongsui during his tenure in Beijing Normal University as well as young and middle-aged physics talents who returned from Europe and US upon completion of their studies. Since 1980 when CAS fellow Prof. Huang Zuqia started his tenure in Beijing Normal University, a strongly competitive team of theoretical physics researchers came into Beijing with Prof. Huang at the center. The theoretical program was authorized to confer doctoral degree in 1981 and was selected as national key program of theoretical physics in 2001 before successfully passing a new round of assessment by Ministry of Education in 2007. In recent years, with the support of 211 Project of Ministry of Education and 985 Project, theoretical physics program has made substantial progress in program quality, academic team construction, talent training and infrastructure through key program construction.

Currently, the doctoral program of theoretical physics in Beijing Normal University employ 19 professors and associate professors, with middle-aged or young scholars accounting for over 90% of leading scholars, hence a rational age structure with good combination of senior, middle-aged and young. In the past 5 years, the program has completed dozens of research projects and published over 300 papers, demonstrating academic excellence in the following three fields.


  1. Statistical Physics and Non-Linear Science: Led by Prof. Hu Gang, Prof. Zheng Zhigang and Prof Guo Wen¡¯an, this field focuses both on theoretical research of non-linear kinetics and combination of theory, experiment and application. Fruitful achievements in the research on stochastic resonance, spatiotemporal chaos and its control, with numerous papers of cutting-edge advancements published and attracting widespread attention from international peers. Besides, numerous awards on national and Ministry of Education level have been conferred on research findings.
  2. Gravity and Theory of Relativity, Astrophysics: With rich experience accumulated from long-term research and solid foundation, this field is proud of its traditional advantages much featured in the program and is especially focused on research of basic theories and fundamental questions. Its tremendous amount of significant research findings in general theory of relativity, black hole physics, quantum gravity, high dimensional gravity, cosmology, neutron stars and condensed matter physics has produced positive influence both in China and overseas, laying foundations for dynamic academic exchange with international peers. A new generation of scholars, including Prof. Ma Yongge, Prof. Zhu Jianyang, Associate Prof. Gao Sijie, Prof. Liu Wenbiao and Associate Prof. Zhou Bin, are playing a leading role in this field.
  3. Research of New Matters and Morphologies under Extreme Conditions: With Prof. Bao Jingdong as leading scholar, much innovative research has been conduced in international frontiers, including non-linear coherent structure in non-linear, dust and laser plasma, phenomenon and mechanism of transition to turbulence, atomic nucleus fusion and fission kinetics, theoretical modeling to describe heavy ion collision mechanism and nuclear multifragmentation, spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking in strong interaction of particle physics, etc. Influential research work has also been done in ballistic anomalous diffusion, plasma wakefield, nano-atomic cluster and heavy quark physics, etc.


Academic Team

Research Field Name Birthdate Qualifications Position
Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Science Gang Hu 1944.12 Doctor Professor
Zhigang Zheng 1969.08 Doctor Professor
Wenan Guo 1968.04 Doctor Professor
Hongliu Yang 1973.02 Doctor Professor
Xintian Wu 1968.05 Doctor Associate Professor
Xiaowen Li 1970.01 Doctor Associate Professor
Ying Zhang 1969.08 Doctor Associate Professor
Zhanchun Tu 1977.02 Doctor Professor
Haiyan Wang 1969.02 Doctor Associate Professor
Zaiqiao Bai 1971.07 Doctor Associate Professor
Gravity and Relativity Theory, Field Theory Jianyang Zhu 1955.12 Doctor Professor
Yongge Ma 1968.11 Doctor Professor
Wenbiao Liu 1969.01 Doctor Professor
Bin Zhou 1970.04 Doctor Associate Professor
Sijie Gao 1972.04 Doctor Professor
Xiaoming Liu 1966.02 Doctor Associate Professor
Research of New Material Form under Extreme Conditions Jingdong Bao 1962.09 Doctor Professor
Rongwu Li 1969.03 Doctor Associate Professor
Jing Peng 1970.04 Doctor Associate Professor